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Statutory Bodies

Council, Committees, Boards, and Commissions
Budaka district has the third District council since inception in  1st July 2006 running from 25th May 2016 to 25th May 2021. The head of the Council is the District Speaker who is elected among the District councillors. The District council has 30 members of which 17 are male councillors and 13 are female councillors.Therefore, the total comprise male, female, PWDs and Youths. There are three committees of council, each headed by the chairperson who is elected among the District councillors as per the rules of procedure of Local Government councils.

These  committees include Administration, finance and planning Committee comprising of the following department/sectors/sections: Administration, Human Resource, Finance, Council Committees, Boards and Commission(DLB,DSC,DPAC),District contracts committee, Planning unit and Internal Audit. Production and Works committe has Production and Marketing department, Natural Resources deparment and works and Technical services. Social services Committee has the deparment of health,Education and Communitry Based Services. 

Executive committee members
The District Executive committee is properly constituted with five members and the District chairperson as the head of the committee (chairperson). The number of DEC members is equal to the number of Council committees described above. Each committee has a DEC member as its secretary. There is only one female member on DEC instead of two for the requirement of at least a third of the members of DEC being female. DEC is supposed to meet at least once every month with twelve meetings in each year. DEC members receive their monthly emolument from the consolidated fund.

District Service Commission
The tenure of  District Service Commission (DSC) elapsed in December 2020,Council subsequently appointed 5 members forwarded to Public Service Commission for approval inline with Section 54 of the Local Government Act CAP 2,4,3 as amended and forwarded the names to the PSC Kampala for approval.The district is therefore awaiting feedback for approval.