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Stakeholders have appreciated MKN pages Company Limited for the good work done at Nansanga Seed Secondary school site.

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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Both the political and the technical staff have been left impressed with the great work done by the Nansanga Seed school contractor.This was evident enough from a number of speeches made by different stakeholders yesterday during the fourth site meeting for the 02 sites of Nansanga Seed and Mugiti respectively.The project manager who was represented by Mr.Dida Sam noted a tremendous progress in the construction site at Nansanga Compared to Mugiti seed. He noted that the general works were at 25% as per the expected output.He informed members that the block walling for the multi-purpose hall at Nansanga seed was at lintel level with columns cast and rendering ongoing, block walling for the Classroom blocks was at lintel level with rendering and application of bituminous paint done.He also informed members that the substructure for the Administration block at Mugiti seed was complete, columns cast, block walling at lintel level, rendered pending application of Bituminous paint, block walling for the classroom blocks at lintel level, rendered and Bituminous paint applied preparing to cast columns. He added that the science lab& ICT library was at slab level and rendered. He further explained that the boys &Girls latrine was not started.He added that the staff houses were still at slab level of the substructure, VIP latrine hole done with the pit walling ongoing among others.He tasked the contractor to pull up his socks in order to have the two projects move at the same pace. He further encouraged the contractor to increase on the labor force at Mugiti Seed School and as well have women participate in some activities at the site.The District Chairperson who was represented by the Secretary Health & Education thanked Government for the continued development in Budaka and also appreciated the contractor for speeding up with Nansanga works.He further expressed his disappointment with the Mugiti seed site which was lagging behind despite being ahead of Nansanga in the previous site meeting.Mr. Mukamba Ibrahim who represented the RDC in the meeting asked the contractor to devise possible means of ensuring that work progresses well in Mugiti.He also urged him to address the issue of environmental management in all the two sites since the rains are back.While addressing members, the Contract Manager Mr. Higenyi Paul informed members that he was overwhelmed with the ongoing works at Nansanga seed comparing it to the previous site meeting whereby the contractor was lagging behind.He also asked the contractor to double his efforts so that the project is completed within the set timeframe of 02 years or even earlier.The Contractor appreciated the district staff for the advance payment and the first interim certificate issued to him. He also promised to do his best to ensure that the construction works are completed before contract duration. The contractor also assured members that he will plant fruit trees in the sites since the rainy season had started.