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Youth Livelihood Programme


Is a rolling government programme that is implemented by Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development .The project targets the poor and the unemployed youth in the country. This project started in Financial Year 14-15 in Budaka with its over role objective being to empower target youth in Uganda to enhance their social Economic Potential and increase self employment opportunities.

From 2014 to 2015 up to date, they had supported 148 youth groups to a tune of Shs.1, 154,658,672.Todate we have recovered Sh.119, 002,900 that has been transferred to bank of Uganad.The procedure for the selection begins with age bracket 18-30 forming a group 10-15people all residing from one village. The name of the group takes up the village, it’s from this that the people are sensitized in order to come up with a project of their interest thus subjected to scouting by the Technical Planning Committee of the sub county and the executive of sub county projects forwards to the Lower officer and he subjects it to the District Executive Committee.30% of the group membership should be female. The project covers 17 sub counties (Lower Local Government units) and 3 Town Councils (Urban Local Town units)