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MKN pages company Ltd appreciated for the good work done in the seed schools.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The District stakeholders have expressed their gratitude to M/S MKN pages company Limited for the great work so far done both at Mugiti Seed and Nansanga Seed secondary schools sites.This was pronounced today during the site meeting held at Mugiti Seed School.While addressing the meeting, the District Engineer informed members that the overall progress of works was at 65% henceforth satisfactory.He noted the following during inspection; the works were ongoing in all buildings, window sills were installed, chalkboards areas marked well on the entire length of the wall and finishes ongoing pending construction of a 02 stance lined VIP latrine for the administration block.He further tasked the contractor to level the Science laboratory worktops, landscape and clear bushes at Mugiti seed site in order to curb accidents.He finally thanked the contractor for working ahead of the set schedule.“I am impressed with the contractors work so far and l hope for the best within the set contract period,” the District Education Officer said.Mr.Elly Piwang, the Chief Administrative Officer pledged his continued support towards the contractor as he executes his work. He also appreciated him for the good job done within the set schedule.Speaking in the meeting, the District Chairperson urged the contractor to work on the access roads to the 02 sites.He also advised the responsible officers to always endeavor to invite the sub county Chairpersons and the District Councilors of the 02 sub counties for the site meetings. He then thanked the Government of Uganda for the project, which is a fulfillment of the NRM manifesto and vision 2040.He also thanked the contractor for the good work done and hoped that he delivers it even better.Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Magunda George, in his closing remarks thanked the District leadership for the support rendered towards the success of the project and tasked them to ensure that Kamonkoli Seed School is completed too.