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OPM service delivery inception meeting with the HOD's

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

 Budaka District Education and Health Department to be enrolled on the Biometric trackingsystem soon.This follows the meeting conducted this morning by the OPM delivery unit at the District Boardroom that the Heads of Departments attended.According to the team leader OPM,the biometric system is aimed at providing reliable and actual timely data to facilitate timely supervision of staff,and aid fast action and increased accounting through clocking in and out.He added that as per the COVID-19 situation a new mechanism of facial recognition would be used inorder to avoid the spread of the virus.The stakeholders welcomed and appreciated the initiative and looke forward to having it in the district.Budaka District is among the 20 districts  to  be piloted among others like Kumi,Ngor andAmuria