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Previsit of Mugiti Seed school

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Friday, November 4, 2022

CAO Budaka has appreciated Mr.Owori Perezi for donating 5.1 acres of land for the construction of Mugiti Seed school.While addressing the members this afternoon during the pre-visit of the site,CAO  thanked the communit for being custodians of the land since it was given out years back.“Having a seed school here is good though the construction works might take about 02 years which calls for patience because of the financing terms,”CAO lamented.He also urged the leaders to mobilise communities to bring their children to the school especially those in primar level from within the subcounty.He told the members that quality local materials from the community will be considered as per the contractors demand.He further called upon them to clear the access road leading to the school before commissioning and actual works.Ms.Nafuna Irene the Senior Land Management Officer appreciated the donor of land for the 5.1 acres which was adequate enough for the structures.She added that the land was surveyed respectively.District Planner,Mr.Kabise Shaban warned the communities against attaching the school to issues of religion,tribolism  and politics but rather see it as something to benefit the entire community of Mugiti.The Senior Labour Officer Mr.Koire Paul advised the youth who need to offer service to be respectful to their employer who will be the contractor.The District Councilor for Mugiti called upon the members to embrace the project and not bring conflicts at any moment since the school will benefit the subcounty and the district at large.LCIII Chairperson requested the contractor to apportion some work to the community inorder to enable them sustain a living.He appreciated CAO and the entire leadership for ensuring that the funds for the seed school are put to implementation and not swept back as in the past.NRM Chairperson assured members that all the conflicts concerning the vast sites were all resolved to one site.The Subcounty Chief Ms.Naula Minati asked the communities to support the school for the good of the future generation.