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Headteachers meeting for both primary and secondary schools with the DTF members on reopening

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Monday, November 29, 2021

DEO has advised all the Headteachers to ensure that they get vaccinated 100% ahead of reopening on 03rd January 2022.The call was made this evening during the Headteachers meeting for both Primary and Secondary schools held at Bugwere High School in prepartaion for opening of schools.He tasked them to ensurethat they begin registering school going children inorder to avoid wasting alot of time admitting when schools open since they have to embark on teaching with immediate effect."I don't know how prepared you are amidst a number of challenges,"DEO emphasised.He tasked them to join SACCO's at the district and detar from loans since they have caused teachers to abandon teaching after getting disgrantled by money lenders.He asked them to establish a School Based Care room to support in the management of mild and severe cases while at school with assistance from nearby health facilities and critical ones refered to Mbale.He further directed them to set up a management committee for COVID-19 with a minimum of 05 person's comprising of a Headteacher,matron,askari,senior woman and senior man teacher respectively.The Surveillance person also told them to put in place handwashing facilities in a number of points,social distance in classes,have classes in shifts incase numbers increase and ask the children to make cloth masks for themselves.He added that there is need for the Headteachers to guide and counsel the learners inorder to empower them get back to concentrate in school.RDC then warned the private schools against hiking fees but rather charge affordable rates.He also asked the Headteachers to mobilise the pupils and teachers to kick start with full time teaching as soon as possible since there is no time to waste.The District Chairperson then asked the Headteachers to be creative in whatever they do pointing out the advanced technology that has enabled some children to continue learning online as others sit at home despite the forth coming examinations.He tasked the Headteachers to update themselves by going extra miles to buy newsppapers for guidance while teaching.He concluded by asking the headteachers to work as a team for success.