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"You need to revamp DATIC" - RDC

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

RDC Budaka has appealed to the district stakeholders to restore the District Agricultural Training and Information Centre (DATIC) for the purpose for which it was establish.The call was made today during the site meeting for the construction of a maize mill building and part fencing of DATIC FY2022/23.While addressing members, Mr.Magunda George the Resident District Commissioner Budaka, called upon all stakeholders to encourage their children from Bugwere to enroll and study in the facility aware that the district has earmarked the institution as one of the demonstration sites for the micro-scale irrigation scheme.“There is need to publish the institution on radio to enable the youth who are not at school and other categories enroll to acquire skills in agriculture in order to reduce on unemployment and poverty in Bukedi,”RDC emphasized.He further asked the district to provide security to the facility in order to curb issues of theft.He appreciated the contractor for the recommendable job done and the close supervision by the district team led by the Chief Administrative Officer.Hon.Kasolo John who represented the District Chairperson in the meeting, emphasised the issue of testing the machine and addressing any defects at the site.He also tasked the district to engage the tenant hiring the institution in order to have the outstanding obligations at the institution premises addressed.He then appreciated all stakeholders for their cooperation since the commencement of the project.While giving his remarks,the project manager,Mr.Dida Sam informed that M/S midor and Siblings Investment Ltd was awarded the contract which commenced on 1st December 2022 to 12th March 2023.He added that the project physical works were at 100% though still monitoring under the defect liability period.He added that incase of any gaps realize,the contractor will be responsible of fixing them before payments are effected.He also informed members that no payment has been made to the contractor.Mr.Dida also noted that the contract sum for the project was UGX 110,053,986 inclusive of the 18% VAT.He then appreciated the contractor for the timely completion of the works.The managing Director M/S Midor &Siblings Investment Ltd informed members about the few challenges they faced that comprised of delayed payments,demolition  costs which were not captured in the Bills of Quantities,outstanding electricity bills and theft of property at the site.He then appreciated all the stakeholders for their support.Mr.Mugombe Yusuf PAS who represented the Chief Administrative Officer in the meeting appreciated the district for ensuring that the funds were put to proper use despite so many allegations from communities of the money being eaten by the district stakeholders.He further tasked them to make decisions on the functionalization of the grinding mill.The Chief Finance Officer,Mr.Magoola informed members that the funds were not utilized in the previous Financial Year henceforth swept back to the consolidated fund.He further thanked the contractor for being patient and moving forward with the works amidst no payments.He assured members that Parliament has re appropriated funds back to the district and expects the funds to be available for clearance of the contractor in two weeks.The Mayor Iki-Iki T/C tasked the district to make a proposal on the management of the institution and as well open boundaries and fence off the land.The District Planner ,Mr.Kabise Shaban encouraged the contractor to plant more trees in the affected places and also put a sign post to address issues of social safeguard at the site. The project was funded by the District under Local Revenue provided by UNRA as a result of compensation of the structure that fell along the road reserve.