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Debrief on UGIFT Field findings

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Friday, November 18, 2022

District Stakeholders during a debrief meeting on joint monitoring of Uganda Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers (UGIFT) projects and dissemination of guidelines for construction and maintenance of project works with a team from Ministry of Gender,Labour and Social Development ,Ministry of Works in the district boardroom.According to the official from Ministry of works,he said they visited 04 sites of mugiti seed school,Nansanga seed school ,Kamonkoli Seed school and Namusita HCIII.He noted the following from the field findings;Mugiti site being at the low land which requires a lot of communication fromdifferent parties for consensus,need for thorough screening of the new sites with mitigation measures,appreciated the works at NamusitaHCIII especially  the finishes except the security drainage,Kamonkoli seed not having a site office except the security team in place,no site book or site information upon which one can base on for the ongoing works,issues with some doors not being proportional to others,contractor not on site however,the site layout was fine though needed the district to use additional methods to ensure that the works are completed in time.Civil Engineer from Ministry of Health then also informed members about the construction management procedures that comprised of feasibility study,preparation of the design,site clearance from MGLSD for inorder to enable the commencement of works,NEMA certificate ,land title,clearance from Directorate of fire prevention and site handover records of possession of the site by the contractor among others.The team recommended updating of UGIFT guidelines from time to time and need for other ministries to support the Local Government in activities like monitoring for service delivery,continuous screening of projects and grievance handling excetera.Mr.Pajje Emmanuel ,the District Chairperson appreciated Government and World Bank for rolling the UGIFT projects in the district.He pledged his commitment in ensuring that whatever government supports the district with will be put to proper use.